Enjoy Yuba and Hamo Kaiseki cuisine in a traditional Kyoto restaurant with a rich history of over 70 years.

Daitoryo is a Kyoto cuisine restaurant that boasts a rich history of over 70 years, located in one of the many narrow cobblestone alleyways of Ponto-cho beside the Kamo River. Residing in a renovated 140 year-old Japanese house filled with the authentic feel of Kyoto, Daitoryo serves Kyoto cuisine that centers around the ingredient of yuba (tofu skin). The delicate tastes of seasonal ingredients and local vegetables prepared in traditional Kyoto-style cooking can be enjoyed. The owner, a certified guide-interpreter, is fully capable of communicating with English-speaking guests and offers incredible insight into Kyoto's history, culture and tourism, along with his excellent dishes. At night, the extraoridnary view of Minamiza and the Kamo River is truly a breathtaking sight to see. Enjoy the cool wind of Kyoto and delicious kaiseki cuisine of yuba and hamo while dining on the Yuka, exclusively available only between May to late September, and let sizzling yuba nabe (hot pot) courses warm your body and soul during the autumn and winter seasons.

About the Restaurant

As a historic establishment of Kyoto, Daitoryo has a rich history of 70 years since its establishment in a structure built over 140 years ago. Located in the atmospheric district of Ponto-cho, it is our pride to serve lavish seasonal delicacies in our kaiseki courses and authentic yuba cuisine using an abundance of ingredients local to Kyoto.

Restaurant Information

1F: 5 tables (maximum 15 people)
2F: 5 tables (maximum 18 people)
【Dress Code】No casual wear please (e.g. t-shirts, short pants, sandals etc.).
Please refrain from wearing strong-scented perfume.


Reservation required
【Payment Method】
※Online payment for courses required for reservations.
For additional orders at the restaurant, only cash (Japanese Yen) is accepted.


Japanese cuisine, washoku, kaiseki cuisine, Kyoto cuisine
【Location】Japan, Kansai, Kyoto, Pontocho
Japanese cuisine, Washoku, Kaiseki cuisine, Kyoto cuisine, Yuba, Nou-ryou Yuka, Reservation, Traditional