Dinner Menu

Omakase Kaiseki Course

The Omakase courses are more standart Kyoto Kaiseki courses in which seasonal ingredients and dishes can be enjoyed.
( Hassun, Soup, Sashimi, Small Nabe Hotpot, Grilled Dish,Fried Dish, Pickled Dish, Bowl Dish, Rice Dish and Confectionary. )

Omakase Kaiseki Standard Course (10 dishes)


Omakase Kaiseki Special Course (10 dishes)


Yuba Kaiseki Course

The Yuba Kaiseki courses are centered around various ways to enjoy Yuba.
(Hassun, Soup, Sashimi, Small Nabe Hotpot, Grilled Dish,Fried Dish, Pickled Dish, Bowl Dish, Rice Dish and Confectionary. )

Yuba Kaiseki Mai Course (9 dishes)


Yuba Kaiseki Ten Course (10 dishes)


Yuba Kaiseki Toku Course (10 dishes)


Nabe Cuisine Chicken Mizutaki (Available to be ordered from 2 servings)

A lavish course of sizzling hotpots full of rich and juicy-soft Tamba-jidori chicken.

Chicken Mizutaki Nabe Hotpot Basic Course


Chicken Mizutaki Nabe Hotpot Jyou Course


Chicken Mizutaki Nabe Hotpot Toku Course


Nabe Cuisine Yuba Hotpot (Available to be ordered from 2 servings)

Enjoy our special yuba together with an assortment of fresh vegetables in a soy milk-based soup.

Yuba Nabe Hotpot Basic Course


Yuba Nabe Hotpot Jyou Course


Yuba Nabe Hotpot Toku Course


"Yuka", a traditional feature of the Summer season in Kyoto.
Let the refreshing sounds of the Kamo River cool and relax your body and mind.

Available from May 1st to Sept 30th. (Available for lunch only in May and September.)

Yuka (Riverside Seating) Dinner Menu

Hamo Kaiseki Course


Special Omakase Kaiseki Course


Omakase Kaiseki Course


Yuba Kaiseki Course


Special Yuba Kaiseki Course


Yuka (Riverside Seating) Lunch Menu (Only available in May and Sept)

Hamozen Set


Yubazen Set


Important information regarding reservations

Regarding the prices

The prices include Tax and seating charge.

【Seating charge details】
◆Ordinary season from October to April
Lunch / Dinner: 10%
◆Yuka (Riverside Dining) season
Lunch (May & Sept only): 10%
Dinner (May to Sept): 13%

Regarding the use of private rooms

Reservations for the private room are only available for groups of 5 or more guests. There is no private room fee required.

Regarding children

Infants are permitted, however, please refrain from changing diapers inside the restaurant.
We ask that guests keep the noise to a minimum and to be mindful of other guests.
Please inquire beforehand if you will be bringing in big luggage, a stroller etc.

Regarding reservations for guests dining alone

We ask that reservations be made for 2 or more guests. However, we may be able to accommodate single diners for dinner reservations on weekdays. Please make the request from the reservation request form if interested.

Regarding the bringing of outside food and drinks into the restaurant

The bringing in of drinks or food is prohibited.
Please consult us in advance regarding birthdays or other celebratory occasions.